Skin is the largest organ of the human body with its own ecosystem of microbes (“skin microbiome”) that are in constant interaction with our gut, our immune function, our hormones, and more. So it’s more accurate to view chronic skin issues as a an “alarm” going off to tell us that our gut, our immune function, or our hormones, or some other major body system isn’t functioning optimally.

Since skin is on the surface of our bodies, many people assume that all skin problems are a result of external factors, and that just applying topical creams and lotions externally is the best way to improve their skin. But that’s just not the case.

It’s fine to apply products topically to protect and soothe the skin. But treating symptoms with topical treatments alone isn’t going to fix the source of our skin problems; it requires a more holistic approach.

What is holistic skin care?

Skin concerns such as redness, rosacea, acne, eczema, etcetera all begin inside of the body. And often times as consequence of the digestive tract, or due to high stress levels. The traditional approach of following a specific skin treatment only more often than not results ineffective or produces only short term relief.

Holistic skin care is an ancient practice that involves treating the skin in a “whole” body care approach. It’s an all-inclusive approach to a healthy body, mind and spirit that can result in healthy radiant skin. Addressing skin care is deeper than the surface needs of the skin. There are many factors that can cause a breakout to include diet, hormonal imbalances, stress levels, physical activity, menstrual cycles, bowel movements and others. All of these factors impact the flow of energy within the body. If your energy is blocked, it’s not flowing freely which can cause the body and skin to have an inflamed response. Have you ever wondered why you are experiencing a break out during stressful times or that time of the month? Skin health and appearance are indicators of all that is going on inside to include illness, hormonal imbalances, stress levels, and diet.


1 on 1 virtual skin health consultation.

  • How to balance, nourish and support your skin.
  • How to navigate right skincare products in this overwhelming world of skincare.
  • What other factors are important to know when treating your skin; your overall health, stress, sleep etc.

Let’s meet and I’ll guide you to feel empowered in your own skin! As a Holistic Esthetician  and Health Coach I look deeper than just your skin or the products you are using. We are all unique and there are different reasons why your skin is an issue. Finding the root cause that might be your stress, emotions, gut etc. we find the way to heal your skin. Before we meet I need you to submit  intake form and makeup free photos. This allows me to get familiar with your skin and overall idea of your internal and external factors.


What do you get?

When we meet we will have conversation regarding your current routine, history, overall wellbeing: sleep, diet, stress etc. What are your skin care goals and what do you want to achieve. This is also your opportunity to ask questions and address your concerns of your skin.

After your consultation, I will follow up via email. You will get your step by step guide to your new routine and how to transit your skincare and habits on a new course.

135€ – 1 Hour

Skin health is a reflection of your inner health.