At life, we sometimes find ourselves just wandering with no particular direction. Or maybe we’ve taken one too many steps off the road. You may see the destination bright in your mind, but you’re not quite sure how to get there. Or you have reached the end – a dead end. Sometimes it happens to all of us – even to the strongest. Fortunately, you can also find your way back on tracks, and continue forward – or make a U-turn if necessary.

A Health Coach is kind of a co-driver or a guide. Through a variety of exercises, we identify the things that encourage you to change. Everything is done on your terms, using positive motivation and your own abilities – that’s why it is the key to a lasting transformation.

Holistic wellbeing

Health Coaching treats wellbeing as a whole. Physical well-being, relationships, work life, quality of sleep, everyday balance, stress tolerance, nutrition, home, beauty and aesthetics, one’s own dreams and goals, and self-awareness and the meaning of life – all these are
connected. Challenges in one affect the other. Health Coaching is not therapy or mere nutrition coaching or beauty care. Health Coaching pays attention to the areas that you feel need improving.

My coaching methods are concentrated on three areas; MIND: learn a new way to deal your mind and thoughts. Together we dismantle your subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you. BODY: we wake up your connection between your body and mind by using different mindfulness techniques, such as breathing exercises and moving your body to relieve the stress that might have accumulated. SOUL: your connection to your authentic self and intuition, who you really are!

There may be many different challenges:

  • You feel confused or exhausted.
  • You feel you have lost yourself.
  • You feel like you are in a pit and don’t know how to get up from there.
  • You have dreams and goals and maybe even some ideas on how to achieve them, but you need help putting the plan in motion.
  • There have been major changes in your life and you don’t feel balanced or on track.

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