I am Minna Salminen, a licenced Health Coach and a Holistic Esthetician . I was in my thirties when my first burnout caught me. I had worked the past seven years in my dream job as a Esthetician – and as an entrepreneur. I loved my job, my customers and constantly learning new things. But with my own business comes great responsibility, and finally it got the best of me. I simply didn’t know how to ask for help.

On top of all that I felt anxious and desperate. I no longer knew who I was and whose life I was living. Relationships were a struggle and often I felt completely worthless, distressed and anxious. There was no joy. I realized something needed to change.

That something was me.

Since then I have been making my journey towards a happier, balanced life. There have been many wonderful surprises, some disappointments and great sense of joy in who I am along the way. The biggest shift happened four years ago when we moved to Netherlands with my husband and agreed that I would take some time for myself.

During my year of I learned to let go from old beliefs and expectations. I trained to become a Health Coach, because I want to help everyone who is where I once was: lost in the middle of life.

My own journey started 13 years ago, when I got exhausted under the pressure of life. Although it sparked my transformation, you do not have to wait for a similar experience.

You can put yourself first. Learn how to listen, to appreciate and to love yourself, your mind and your body. You are enough, just the way you are.

Minna Salminen

Health Coach, Holistic esthetician, Kundalini teacher, Reiki Healer
Family: Husband and an Italian greyhound Joy
Interests: Spending time in nature and exercising while listening to my own body
Likes: Beautiful architecture, everything related to decorating and interior design and energies at home
Excites: Everything related to my work. At the moment I’m fascinated by neuroplasticity of the brain, the cyclicality of a female body, and inner strength.
Motto: You are the greatest project you will ever work on